Single deck Blackjack

Single deck Blackjack

This is about as simple as Blackjack gets: One deck of cards and one hand. With 3:2 payouts on Blackjack and 2:1 payouts on insurance, the odds will seem to favor the player, but with a house edge of 0.4%, this is a Blackjack game worth gracing any online casino.

The player can also activate a high-quality, tranquil jazz soundtrack to enhance their gameplay experience.
Other features include:

  • Fluid card and chip animations
  • Fully adjustable sound settings
  • Variable speed option

Single Deck’s betting system makes it easy for the player to place and remove their bets. The player clicks the desired chip and then clicks in the betting area to place the bet. Repeated clicks increase the bet by the value of the selected chip; the player sees the coins stack up, and the total value displayed beneath increases accordingly.

To remove a bet, the player selects the chip with the Red Cross and clicks the betting area. The whole bet is removed, and the player can make a new bet.
When the player clicks Deal, cards are dealt face up to the player. The Dealer will receive one card face up and one face down. After the player decides to Stand, the result is displayed above the cards. The chips are then collected or distributed according to payout rules.

Before the next game round starts, the player is given the option to either place a New Bet.
During gameplay, the player will also have the opportunity to increase the stakes by splitting or doubling according to the game rules. Doubling will double the player’s initial bet while splitting allows the player to split two cards of equal rank into two new hands.
When the possibility for a split or double is present the player simply presses the corresponding button on the game panel.

Single Deck also offers players an insurance or even money option when the dealer’s visible card is an ace. Insurance comes at a cost of half the original bet while even money allows the player to end the round without losing any chips.